Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Yurg: The Subterranean Rhinoceros of ‘Middle Earth’

'Middle Earth' is a term used by Monstrologists of a time period when all the races were trying to gain control over Europe. Throughout this time period in Earth's history, a wide variety of species roamed this world either fighting in wars or trying to stay undetected. The Yurg is one of the species that lived during this era. A Yurg is part of the rhinoceros family with an odd horn protruding out of its head. Being mainly used as cattle/oxen, they were used for many labor jobs amongst the dwarfs and the orcs. The Yurg is a herbivore and will only eat the roots of the plants for their water. Being mostly subterranean, the Yurg digs it's way into a hill side or mountain with it's powerful hooves. Using them to scrape away both dirt and loose rocks. The horn of the Yurg is quite durable as well, as its used to break apart hard rocks as the Yurg charges at any hard solids their hooves can't dig through. They mainly live alongside dwarfs due to their subterranean nature of building homes, cities, and kingdoms underneath the ground in huge caves. The Yurg doesn't like the sun as much so, it would only come on to the surface as it rains or during the nighttime to graze for food that's not available underground. Though shy creatures, they are also strong and durable as well thanks to their large muscles and tough skin. To humans, they're not really known amongst are race but, asking a dwarf or even an orc can give away some helpful hints of handling/finding Yurgs underground.

Yurgs are rarely bought by humans but, in the orc or dwarf world. They're favored as both creatures of labor, companions, or even as food.

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