Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Revenant: The 'Lesser Zombie'

The zombie is probably one of the world's most feared species of monsters. The idea of an infected, cannibalistic individual who spreads a deadly plague across a country or even the world can send the bravest person a chill running up their spine. The Revenant, unlike their more evolved cousins; is an example of this idea. The Revenant is an animated corpse whom returns from the grave after their body is left unburied, not allowing the soul to finally rest in peace. Revenants are known as 'lesser zombies' due to their nature of mainly spreading diseases and terrorizing the living rather than feeding on them. Though they do consume mostly human blood, the Revenant usually chooses their prey due to an act of revenge or a memorable response (which is unlike zombies whom just consume anything alive). Though they are considered to be zombies, they're mainly similar toward vampires in their primal behavior and strategies on hunting. Revenants don't share any spacial abilities with vampires such as their speed and strength but, they do share the thirst for human or animal blood. Revenants can infect people by their saliva, or their decaying body, which, like the zombie virus or the Black Death; can quickly take over an entire town or city. The only way to kill a Revenant is by chopping off the head, stabbing it in the heart, and setting the corpse on fire to prevent further decomposing.    
Revenants and zombies (pictured above) are actually quite different. The Revenat, if you havn't known; 'slumbers' during the day as a lifeless corpse while as for the zombie, it wonders endlessly for food. Unlike vampires though, Revenants are immune to sunlight which gives their 'sleeping' bodies extra protection except for the decaying flesh which can spread numerous diseases including the Revenant Virus.