Monday, April 16, 2012

The Billyo: Silver Dashers of the Outback

The only species related to the unicorn in Australia, the Billyo is the fastest creature on the Continent. Strangely the Billyo may look in appearance similar toward a large goat but, they're actually part of the unicorn family. The Billyo is silver in colored and holds upon it's head two pure silvered horns which are favored by poachers. This species is on the endangered animal lists and are heavily protected by the Australian government. Being nocturnal, the Billyo sleeps all day either in a cave or underneath rocky outcrops but, at night they are active. They mainly live in the Outback but, are also found in the mountains, and are known to travel everywhere as a nomadic creature at great speeds. Though harmless to humans, they can leave serious injuries if accidentally ran into. Actually the only thing a human can witness is just a silver colored streak coming towards or pass them. The Billyo are herbivores and are peaceful. Though not much is known about these rarely seen creatures, once a month during a full moon. The Billyos gather together for mating and, stay together until arrival, travel in a herd to another environment (either desert or mountain ranges).
The Billyo (shown above) populations started strong and healthy before the English arrived to Australia. Afterwards till today, there were only three hundred individuals left. Luckily, but slowly the Billyo population has been increasing successfully each couple months.

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