Monday, April 16, 2012

The Burach Bhadi: The ‘Wizard’s Shackle’

In the shallow lochs and channels of Scotland, a giant leech-like creature slithers through the waters looking for fresh blood to fulfill it's hunger. The Burach Bhadi (or the 'Wizard's Shackle') is a large, black leech with a total of nine eyes that only swims through mostly any water source. This creature, though truly an over sized leech, looks like an eel in appearance and it uses it's elongated body for advantages over holding onto prey. The Burach Bhadi's favorite prey are horses, who are forced by their riders to swim through a small waterway. They will also attach themselves to anything that ventures too close to the water's edge including sheep, goats, and even humans. Though mostly aquatic, they do come onto land as it rains to slowly slither either to another water source or to find a mate. Mating mainly takes place underwater but, can happen on land as well. During the nights without rain, the Burach Bhadi are less active and only a few will be nocturnal hunters (which are the smaller and weaker males/females). The Burach Bhadi can measure up between four to six feet in length and are capable of drowning the largest of prey.

The Burach Bhadi is pure muscle, able to wrestle the strongest of swimmers to help ware down their prey. Next to their strength, the Burach Bhadi is capable of both agility and speed as they swim almost endless to find a next meal. If a meal can't be found, the strongest and toughest male or female will even hunt down it's own kind for food. Being the color of black, the Burach Bhadi uses it's shadowing body to sneak up on it's prey as only a shadow of incoming schools of small fish. It also helps with camouflage during the nighttime as the larger individuals sleep and the smaller ones come out to feed. After finding a passing horse, the Burach Bhadi would (depending on how large it gets) attach itself onto the swimming animal and then wrap it's body around it to help stop it from moving for a successful drowning. Unfortunately, the human riders can get stuck within the Burach Bhadi's coils and will drown alongside the horse. Sometimes they escape or sometimes they become another prey source to this blood-drinking creature.
The Burach Bhadi loves panicking animals (such as this horse above) and are mainly attrached by their vibrations. Next to horses, the Burach Bhadi enjoy attacking/feeding on cows, humans, sheep, goats, water fowl, deer, fish, and even the Loch Ness Monster (if possible).

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