Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Dovre Gubbe: The Mountain King

The Dovre Gubbe (translation "mountain king") is a common cave dwelling species of troll that are only found in Norway. The Mountain King is described as a large, shaggy troll with a large nose sticking out of a bare face. Though carnivorous, they're also known to be omnivores if prey isn't likely around due to human presence. Rarely attacking humans, they only attack humans whose religion is based off of Christianity (which is a delightful treat for almost any troll species). The Mountain Kings are nocturnal and will only come out at night to search for food. The reason why they're nocturnal is because of their deadly overreaction over sunlight/UV. Due to not producing vitamin D into calcium, their bodies would either explode or turn to stone if their skin makes contact with UV lights of any kind in the matter of seconds. Mountain Kings are the only species of trolls that are social and will travel together as a pack consisting of six (+) individuals. To search for a Mountain King, somebody must search out either an abondoned mine or a deep cave in the Norway mountains. Another good way to find one is by smelling for the Mountain King, which are famous for their foul smelling gases that exit their bodies.
The first Dovre Gubbe (shown above ) description first came from the "fairytale" known as Per Gynt, about a trollhunter from Norway.

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