Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Warg: Vicious Riding Canines of the Orcs

Being five feet tall at the shoulder and ten feet long in length, the Warg is a very dangerous predator. Originally from Scandinavia, this large wolf were used in the place of horses as vikings fought over territory. Like wolves, the Warg hunts in packs and rarely take down large prey by themselves. Alpha males of Warg packs are said to be the most ferocious and vicious amongst the entire pack. Wargs are unique creatures because they also carry features of other animals such as bears and hyenas. Like bears, Wargs have a bearlike face with a long muzzle full of teeth, and can climb trees due to processing strong dewclaws. Like hyenas, the body structure of the Warg has a hunched back (similar toward a spotted hyena), have short fur throughout most of its body that shows different types of patterns such as spots, and Wargs process a powerful bite in which they can crunch bones into pieces. Wargs, like hyenas, are also known to eat the bones either by accident or to contain marrow from within the bones themselves as food.

Both wild and captive Wargs are dangerous, ferocious, and vicious toward anyone who trains them. Wargs raised completely in captivity, over several generations, will later lose their aggression over their masters but, not over strangers. It takes over fifty generations to contain a docile Warg and its mainly impossible due to it being a very long process. The first group of people known to first used Wargs were the vikings, using them to strike fear into their enemies. Then the barbarians used them for awhile as another means of transportation. Though in earlier years, Orcs used them to become their riding partners or companions. Some Wargs easily bonded with their riders, while others turn out to became a snack. Wargs are known to turned their heads around to bite the leg of their rider, only to later consume him/or her due to flexibility in their necks. Wargs are illegal to own in the human world but, Orcs still have rights to their heritage.

Wargs are known for their speed as they can come upon their prey in only a few seconds and are extremely strong in which they can flip (and even dent) a Volkswagen on its side after hitting it with it's shoulders.

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