Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Juju Zombie: The Other Voodoo Zombie

Created from the dark magic of voodooism, the Juju Zombie (a.k.a Zuvembie) is a very dangerous and more intelligent species than it's common zombie cousin. Unlike normal zombies who process 'the virus', Juju Zombies do not have an infectious bite and/or blood. To become one, somebody must be reanimated by a voodoo priest or witch doctor. Native to Haiti, the Caribbean, and uninhabited regions of Eastern Africa; the Juju Zombie are used as laborers and protectors of whoever creates them. Their intelligence level can match a normal Voodoo Zombie, as they can understand simple commands but, can go beyond their Voodoo cousins. For example, you have two of the species: the Voodoo and Juju. You tell the Voodoo to walk downhill as well as the Juju the same thing. The Voodoo walks downwards but, trips on it's own feet as it catches speed downhill. The Juju, smarter than the Voodoo, decides to go downhill sideways to avoid tripping over it's feet.

What makes a Juju Zombie more dangerous than any other zombie species is that it can use magic for defense and attack. Their power comes from what reanimates them from the dead, the dark magic. Unlike the Voodoo Zombie, which is a non-carnivorous, reanimated 'strongman', the Juju uses range weapons to attack and devour it's victims. Like normal zombies but, uncommon for a Voodoo Zombie, the Juju Zombie does need food to survive. They mainly enjoy mammalian flesh such as from humans and large game like boar. Juju Zombies are known to survive long as twenty to thirty years until they fully decompose but, can survive even longer if they can tap in their ability to regenerate in which can allow them to survive even longer before their magical substance are used up. Their regeneration can't go to great lengths though such as regrowing entire limbs but, can regenerate flesh and even bone. The one thing that can fully kill a Juju Zombie is the element of fire, which cancels out the Juju's magic and burns away the flesh.

The Zuvembie (Juju Zombie) is immune to most human emotions like hesitation or fear, and even mortal deaths like being shocked by high voltage. Also like their Voodoo cousins, they're strong but, mainly rely on magic than strength.

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