Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Moko Jumbie: The Stilt Walking Spirit

Originated from Western Africa, the Moko Jumbie isn't just a character to dress up as during festivals but, a spiritual creature that takes either the path of good or evil. It is believed by many Monstrologists that the Moko Jumbie may be a servant of the African God known as Moko of the Nuapa people of the Congo/Nigeria. After the god had migrated to the Caribbean, the Moko Jumbies followed. In description, the Moko Jumbie appears to be human but, are known to mainly walk on stilts. They come in many shapes, sizes, and even colors depending on the path the individual had taken. The two fractions are in constant fighting against each other but, comes into a truce during the celebration of Carnival. There during this festival, the Moko Jumbies hide in plain sight amongst the humans to learn, communicate, and socialize. After Carnival, the two start fighting once again for control. Moko Jumbies are unique in their ways and can be found mainly in the Caribbean but, are known to migrate if needed to other islands.
The illustration above is what a Moko Jumbie may appear as.

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