Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Drop Bear: The Killer Koala of Australia

The koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) is one of Australia's most recognizable marsupials. This adorable creature only eats the leaves of the eucalyptus tree that only grows on the continent and aren't as aggressive toward humans. On the other hand, its cousin the Drop Bear, is another story. The Drop Bear is an over sized koala that instead devours meat from any game the creature can find in the forest areas of Australia and even in New Zealand. The Australian Drop Bear, less aggressive than the New Zealand species, is the starting point of a very invasive species. The Drop Bear are known to board ships and planes, travelling over great distances, in the search of food. Attacking from above, all Drop Bears jump from tall branches to either knock out or kill istantly their prey which includes anything smaller than a rabbit to the size of an adult human. Afterwards, depending if the prey source is dead/or alive, the Drop Bear will quickly eat it's victim then climb up a tree to avoid any other hungry predators.

Being extremely aggressive to certain extents, a Drop Bear will attack even dingoes or the Hooroo (a species of giant, aggressive kangaroos). Though mainly live in forests with high places to hide, the Drop Bear will occassionally travel into heavily populated areas to hunt. In Sydeny, Australia; Drop Bears are known to jump down from trees near parks and homes to attack dogs, cats, and even children. The Australian is twice the size of a regular koala, while the New Zealand and the Giant American Drop Bears are three/four times the size. The New Zealand are aggressive but, not as aggressive as the Giant American which are known to have killed other large carnivores such as bears and mountain lions. Drop Bears are known to adapt well to certain limits and after adapting, they become even more aggressive to fit it's enviroment. Humans who are in Drop Bear terroritory must at all times what for signs of Drop Bears. The best way to detect one is by spitting into the air to wait for a response for a drooling Drop Bear.

The Drop Bear is highly dangerous and locals do warn tourists to avoid heavily forest areas. More people are attacked or killed by a Drop Bear each year in Australia than any animal (including the Hooroo).

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