Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Wulver: The Fishing ‘Werewolf’

The Wulver isn't a true werewolf due to having no venom glands but, they're closely related to the dog headed people known as the Cynocephali. Part of this same family also includes the Faoladh of Ireland. The Wulver in description is a large human-like dog creature with short, brown hair and are skinny in appearance. Being mainly built for speed, the Wulvers use their speed to catch fast moving fish in rivers and lochs nearby. They also use it to evade predators such as the Kelpie or aggressive humans. Mainly found in the highlands of Scotland, the Wulver lives in the hillsides which are usually located halfway up large hills in dens. Wulvers are semi-intelligent along with their ability to make fishing poles/lines out of available resources including stealing from nearby humans. Wulvers are also powerful swimmers and are known to dive for fish in small lochs.

Having nearly the intelligence of a human being, the Wulver are clever creatures on how to hunt for fish. First mentioned in the paragraph above, they Wulver can create fishing supplies out of resources that surrounds them. Either stealing or making by hand, the Wulver does known how to use these supplies to gather fish or freshwater crustaceans for food. Wulvers usually stay at the shoreline to catch their prey but, if a 'Wulver's Stane' (a large rock sticking out on the surface of a loch) is nearby, the Wulver would swim to it to fish. Wulvers are patient creatures and can hours upon hours to catch enough fish. Wulvers and humans share a mutual relationship in which if humans don't threaten this helpful creature, then the Wulver in return will supply extra fish to needy family nearby. The Wulver is non-aggressive and approaching it is easy to do but, if threatened the Wulver will attack.

There are a few rumors amongst Monstrologists that the Wulver (featured above) can also range from brown to black in color but, some experts believe its more of a mutation then a normal color scheme.

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