Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Hooroo: Australia’s Nastiest Kangaroo

In Australia, there are several monsters that shouldn't be bothered and this is one of them. Growing up to about forty to fifty feet tall, the Hooroo (name in Australian means 'good-bye') is a very aggressive creature. Due to it's size, the Hooroo is incredibly strong enough to lift a rig without breaking much of a sweat. Next to their strength, they have flesh-ripping teeth and sharp claws on five digit fingers that makes them twice as dangerous due to their appetite for flesh (includes cattle, camels, kangaroos, bunyips, drop bears, and even humans). The Hooroo lives only in the remote deserts in the Outback but, will occasionally wander further to human settlement if prey sources are extremely low. With powerful legs, the Hooroo can hop at speeds that can out run a helicopter if it wanted. With it's aggressive behavior, humans don't dare confront this creature or disturb it.

Foolish and amateur Monstrologists loose their lives each year as they try to creep up on a Hooroo. The Hooroo is solitary animal until mating season comes in place where the strongest of males mate while the weaker ones die off. If you happen to come upon a Hooroo in the Outback just remember these rules:

1) Stay down wind from it. The Hooroo can track a person through the desert just by smelling the sweat pouring down a person's face.

2) If creeping up on it, move whenever the creature turns it's head. It doesn't have eyes at the back of its head but, it can listen for you so move quietly and slowly.

3) If being chased, try running into thick areas or hide in tight spaces so then there's less of a chance that the Hooroo won't capture and consume you.

4) If there are other Hooroos around, run toward them. There's a chance that a fight will break out if males or females see another opponent (especially during mating season).

Females are smaller than males and tend not to attack as much unless disturbed or frightened. Males on the other hand with attack no rather what the circumstance.

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