Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Jasy Jatere: The Guaraní Protector of the Yerba Mate Plant

The Yerba Mate plant (Ilex paraguariensis) is a type of holly that grows in South America and is mainly used for making mate beverages which is similar towards tea. This special plant is also protected by a very powerful creature known as the Jasy Jatere. The Jasy Jatere is described as being a small, naked child-like creature with light blonde hair and blue eyes. It also carries around either a wand or a staff, which has magical properties. Being related to mainly elves, dwarfs, and gnomes; the Jasy Jatere is kind hearted and doesn't wish to harm anyone unless provoked. They are also bonded with the jungles wherever a Yerba Mate plant grows and will do anything to protect it. It is known by Monstrologists that when a Jasy Jatere is born, the father carves a special wand that grows alongside the newborn until adulthood when it turns into a powerful staff. The Jasy Jatere is also known to cast a powerful spell over its body to make it invisible, to camouflage while hunting or tracking.

The Jasy Jatere is also playful amongst human children. When a Jasy Jatere wants to play, they 'kidnap' a child who isn't going through a period of sleep known as the siesta (which is a short nap; 'cat-napping') from a nearby village. Then, it will take the child deep into the jungle to have mischievous fun. Afterwards, before anyone wakes up from their naps at the village, the Jasy Jatere just has to give the child a kiss which will teleport him/or her back to their home. Jasy Jatere kisses are quite valuable is one wants to get home the quickest way and can be harbored by their saliva. The only side effect though is that once kiss, you'll lose your memory for the the past twenty-four hours.

The Jasy Jatere (featured in photograph) are known to be both friendly and vicious. Like humans, elves, dwarfs, and gnomes; they can choose the path of good or evil. Evil Jasy Jatere are known to kidnap and kill children while the good ones kidnap children to play. A very powerful and deadly creature that the Guaraní people much watch out for, both good or bad.


  1. If one did exist, how would you go around killing it? If its evil? (Screenplay I'm writing)

  2. Capture it's staff. As soon as you do it's Mother appears and will trade goods usually some thing you crave for.