Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Kerkes: Phoenixes of Turkey

The Kerkes are the only species of Phoenix that are native to the country of Turkey. In appearance, the Kerkes is similar looking toward the Egyptian Bennu (heron like) but, instead has two long feathers protruding out of it's head with bright red legs and is colored brightly similar in a wagtail's feather pattern. The Kerkes is a true insectivore and will sometimes eat stray embers from fires nearby. Though similar toward a heron, the Kerkes barely spends time nearby a water source as they mainly live high up on top of trees or running quickly on the ground. They are mainly found in remote forests throughout Turkey, far away from human contact unless they get the taste of embers. The Kerkes are shy creatures as well and will escape whenever they feel threatened. Like most species of Phoenix, the Kerkes will be reborn by the element of fire. After being consumed by flames, the Kerkes will be reborn in the form of a red hot, golden egg which will hatch after the heat has decreased. This process of being reborn, unlike most Phoenixes, will only happen forty-nine times (every seven years) until it fully dies of old age.
All Phoenixes (illustrated above) make excellent and protective companions to both humans and other races. The Kerkes on the otherhand is the most common species that are ment for beginners due to their shy nature.

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