Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Ovda: The Tickling Menace

In remote areas within the Volga region (Volga River) of Russia, a strange humanoid creature lurks in the shadows to wait for unaware people to pass by it. The Ovda (a.k.a. the Ova) is a large, hairy hominid that processes backwards feet, a larger left shoulder than the right, long bony fingers, and are known to lurk throughout the forests with a frightening laugh echoing as it hunts. Though mainly made of muscle and has sharp intelligence, this creature hunts in the most ridiculous fashion known throughout Monstrology: the Ovda tickles it's victims to death. The Ovda's aye-aye like fingers doesn't process claws and are too long for the creature to successfully rip pieces from their victims, this causes the Ovda to hunt in this way. This tickling behavior allows the Ovda to avoid getting seriously injured and doesn't require much energy to hunt, especially during the winter months where it must keep warm. Being able to stalk or wait quietly, the Ovda is an ambush predator but, are capable of galloping after their prey if they do escape. While the Ovda tickles its prey, the prey will later lose it's breathe as it can't control itself from laughing. After killing it's prey, the Ovda will consume as much as it can with small bites then will bring it back to it's lair for later consumption. The only way to bring an Ovda to it's knees is within it's left shoulder, a small hole that leads to a tumor-like muscle that will shut down muscle control throughout the body for only a few minutes to allow for an escape.

The Ovda is believed to be a member of the Sasquatch family (image above) which started out with Gigantopithecus.

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