Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Gloom: The Aussie Gargoyle

The Gloom are one/two foot tall, sad-looking gargoyles that are only native to Australia. They are mainly found in heavily populated areas in Australia (such as cities, beaches, parks, etc...) but, tend to keep away from human contact as possible. Being shy, the Gloom makes no contact with other species except it's own kind. When threatened by a larger creature, like for example humans, the Gloom releases a pheromone that causes the intruder to become deeply depressed. This depression can last in the range of minutes, hours, days, or even months. While the intruder is in sorrow, the Gloom will simply glide away thanks to it's small wings on it's back. The Gloom are nocturnal hunters and will eat anything edible such as leftovers in trash bins, gum, small city birds (pigeons), and even loose pieces of debris from buildings like concrete. Their rock hard scales protects them from the rays of the sun (which all gargoyles hate) and tend to sleep in shadowing areas like in abandoned buildings. The Gloom can be domesticated but, can be a handful when raising thanks to their pheromone defense which can cause their owner (if exposed frequently) to committ suicide.
Though they hate the sun, all gargoyle species spend some time to absorb heat due to them being mainly reptiles. Beaches or on top of city buildings are perfect places where a Gloom can contain ultra-violet light but, has to be careful not to absorb too much or else it will become true stone.

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