Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Ukrainian Ironbelly: The Metallic Dragon of Ukraine

The Ukrainian Ironbelly is a large species of wyvern (reaching up to sixty feet in length or more) that are only native to Ukraine. Ironbellies in appearance are large metallic-grey silvery dragons with large wingspans and deep red eyes. This dragon is capable of breathing fire and uses its flame only to ward off predators or intruders. Weighing up to six tonnes, this dragon's weight is its ally while hunting from the air as the Ironbelly crashes straight into its prey. The Ironbelly can fly but, it only glides through the air instead of using power flight (flapping wings) which uses up too much energy. This dragon lives on the tallest peaks of mountains which allows the creature to get enough lift to fly correctly. The Ukrainian Ironbelly, though similar to its smaller cousins the Horntail and the Ridgeback, are capable of using their wings similar in the manner as bats but, due to strong muscles in their legs they can become fully bipedal similar to the Zilants, African, and European wyverns. Ironbellies eat large prey items such as large game animals and even smaller dragons. They rarely consume humans and tend to stay away from people unless provoked.
The Ukrainian Ironbellies may appear scary due to their size but, can be succussfully trained for protecting somebody's special belongings by rasing them at an early age. Though illegal in most countries, these dragons do become great pets (if you have enough room for a six tonne dragon).

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