Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Jubjub Bird: Beware!

In the deep, dark forests of Germany lives the dangerous bird known as the Jubjub. The Jubjub Bird is a large bird of prey that resembles a mixture between a vulture and a speckled chicken with a red head, long yellow beak, and a purple tongue. It's blood-chilling shrills can be heard from miles as the Jubjub goes out on the hunt of any prey that suites the bird's needs. Though rarely consuming humans, people must become aware whenever they hear the bird's terrifying screams because this species is large enough to take down a grown man without warning. Aggressive in nature, the Jubjub will attack any creature it chooses even if the other creature is larger then the bird itself (examples include dragons, brown bears, and grey wolves). The Jubjub bird is both an active hunter and a scavenger.

Jubjub Birds only nest in trees and are rarely found on the ground unless eating large animals such as elk or bear. They usually carry their prey back to their high up nests in tall trees to feast. The Jubjub is greatly feared by both humans and other creatures which make avoiding this creature completely while walking through areas these birds are known to live. The Jubjubs are known to live in small flocks if food supply is more abundant. Large males are usually the ones in charge of the flock but, females can be as well. If food supplies aren't abundant than normally, then the Jubjubs will be at each other throats and turn into solitary predators. They're known to be also cannibalistic during the winter as prey go into hibernation. Jubjub Birds are also found in some areas of Western Europe and in small Eastern regions of Russia's large forests.        
The Jubjub Bird (illustrated above) are quite ferocious and aggressive in the wild but, can be train into mild pets toward the bravest humans in the world. The Jubjub can become a great ally if you train it correctly.

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