Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Mole Troll: A Unique Species

The Mole Troll is one of only a handful of troll species capable of surviving in the sunlight. Unlike most troll species, their bodies don't react violently toward Ultraviolet (UV) rays. In appearance, the Mole Troll is a quadruped species that are covered with moldy hair with lizard-like body features. Though can be blinded by bright lights, the Mole Troll uses its long tongue to located prey in pitch black environments. Mole Trolls only live in subterranean tunnels in which these creatures use their powerful claws to dig through dirt, rock, concrete, and even some metals. They're known to invade underground sewers nearby large cities and will eat almost anything ranging from trash to humans. Originally found in Norway, these creatures were accidentally brought into the other regions of Europe and even the United States. Though seem invincible after eliminating the UV lights, these creatures can be killed by brute force.
Mole Troll tunnels (photo above) are used by many subterranean creatures such as earthworms, insects, bats, and other nocturnal creatures which usually become prey to a hungry Mole Troll.

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