Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Bladenboro Lynx: The Vampire Beast

The attacks started in 1954 in Bladenboro County of North Carolina when a large feline-like creature started attacking people's pets for a food supply. The Beast of Bladenboro (now known by Monstrologists as the Bladenboro Lynx) is a species of strange felines that live deep in the swampy areas of Bladenboro County and favor the blood from small animals such as pets like dogs and cats. The Bladenboro Lynx is an endangered species and only a small population of these fascinating creatures live in that one county of North Carolina. Being stealthy and nocturnal, these creatures sneak upon their prey and spring into action by snapping their prey's jaws/neck then drains out the blood. Though this species was once part of a larger population throughout the South-Eastern seaboard of the United States, extinction soon followed after being hunted for the protection of livestock and pets. The natural rivals of the Bladenboro Lynx are larger predators such as black bears, feral dogs, and even the cougar (if such an animal is in the area). It is now illegal to shoot and kill these heavily protected species which are on the verge of extinction once more.
Though terrifying in appearence, this 'Vampire Beast' are actually shy of humans and rarely attack. Cougars, feral dogs, and black bears are usually the main caulprits of killing pets/small animals and people then assume its the Bladenboro Lynx as the real killer.  

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