Monday, July 23, 2012

The Hidebehind: Attacking Out of Nowhere

Have you ever seen something out from the corner of your eye? Not knowing what the supposed thing you saw was either real or not? The Hidebehind is a mammalian creature that lives in remote areas of states that borderline Canada (examples: Washington, Oregon, and Maine) and uses its natural ability to conceal itself for hunting not just animals but, humans as well. Being an aggressive creature, the Hidebehind will attack anything it finds as a food source. Though no person or creature has successfully laid their eyes upon this beast, the Hidebehind is out there. Hidebehinds conceal themselves by sucking in their bodies to allow them to disappear behind even the thinnest of trees. Being a shy but, ferocious creature; Hidebehinds are rarely seen out in the open due to their need to camouflage themselves. Humans and animals who fall prey to this monster are taken back to the creature's lair to devour only the intestines (which are known to be a Hidebehind's favorite snack due to bodies being discovered in remote areas). The only way to repel Hidebehinds is alcohol, which is confirmed to burn the creature's skin/hair. Hidebehinds are the masters of stealth and should be heavily respected while hiking in areas that attacks do happen.

Here's an illustartion of a Hidebehind about to attack a unknowingly victim. Hidebehinds are nocturnal hunters and campers must be warned to have a bottle of alcohol with them to avoid encounters (drink responsibility).

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