Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Ohio Grassman: The Sasquatch of Ohio

Throughout the state of Ohio and some parts of Southern Canada, there lives a creature related to the Northwestern Sasquatch species: The Ohio Grassman. The Grassman is a regional species that differs from their Northwestern cousins. Differences include that they live in social groups of five individuals,"cooperative" hunting of large forest game (deer mainly), the ability to use tools to create dwellings if caves are unavailable, and are more seen nearby farmlands rather than in the middle of forests where human contact is unlikely. Specimens of Grassmen range between five to ten feet tall with large footprints (range between 10-20 inches) of an estimated weight around 300 to 1000 pounds. The Ohio Grassman's appearance are similar toward their cousins but, are more gorilla-like with a perfect straight posture. Though it is unknown if this species is mostly part of the Skunk Ape or Sasquatch family, due to a few different footprints, Monstrologists and Cryptozoologists have guessed that some individuals are just misidentified or own genes from both families. For example, some Ohio Grassmen sightings include a rotten egg smell which surrounds the creature similar toward the Southern Skunk Apes.

The Ohio Grassmen, though afraid of humans, will attack if provoked and are known to kill dogs. Some reports indicated that the Ohio Grassmen are quite opportunists as some have been known to try to break into people's houses to get to food. Being omnivorous, the Grassman only eats in trees where feces have been found which supports this theory. They're known to eat edible bark, corn, wild berries, and deer. For communication, the Ohio Grassmen either use loud screams/cries, heavy breathing, and wood-knocking, which includes the creature hitting a large stick against trees for warnings. The Ohio Grassman is an unique regional species and should be treated with respect.    
Typical illustration of an Ohio Grassman

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