Friday, July 20, 2012

The Boobrie: Scottish Horror Bird

The Lochs of Scotland is filled with dangerous creatures from the famous Loch Ness Monster to the vicious Kelpie. There is another predator of avian origins and its called the Boobrie. This Terror Bird sized creature is like a mixture between a Great Northern Loon (Gavia immer) and a White Stork (Ciconia ciconia). Extremely carnivorous, the Boobrie eats from a range of small aquatic creatures such as fish to larger land mammals such as calves and even humans. The Boobrie itself is a creature which favors hunting on the side of Lochs in tall grasses but, will occasionally swim into the middle of the large body of water to dive for larger fish. On land, the creature is more agile and can run up to speeds that can outrun any land animal or a small car. Also to make this menacing creature more dangerous, it can fly thanks to it's large stork-like wings.
In Scottish folklore of this dangerous creature, it was said that the Boobrie is metamorphosed form of the Each uisge (which is a water horse-like creature related to the shape-shifting Kelpie) and the Tarbh-uisg (which is a species of water-bull also related to the Kelpie). This is both false and true; the Boobrie itself is a species of pure terror and other creatures know this. Shape-shifters such as the Kelpie, the Each uisge, and the Tarbh-uisg learn by copying the image of another apex predator at an early age for protection or to strike fear into an intruder. Kelpies are known not to copy a Boobrie's image but, young Each uisge and Tarbh-uisg do for these reasons. Its a survival strategy used by many monsters and everyday animals called camouflage.
 The illustration above is what a Boobrie looks like appearence. Terror Bird size and appearence, Stork's structure, and the Loon's markings.

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