Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Peruvian Swamp Slug: Venom vs. Antidote

The Peruvian Swamp Slug is only native to the moist jungles of Peru and are quite horrifying in appearance. This black slug with sharp teeth can reach up to one feet in length and are venomous. The venom doesn't attack the body directly but, the person's mind by altering their behavior and personality. Hallucinations are also known to occur if the venom isn't treated and will later result in insanity then death. Though this gastropod only eats small animals such as insects, other gastropods, small birds, reptiles, and mammals; larger creatures such as careless humans will become bitten if provoked. Thankfully, the Peruvian Swamp Slug's body holds a secret weapon: an antidote to counter the venom. This safety mechanism allows the slug to re-choose its victim or to heal itself after being bit by a rival Swamp Slug. Humans and other animals with knowledge of this secret use it to their advantage by just being re-bitten by either the same or different animal. Peruvian Swamp Slugs are ambush hunters by staying still for hours or even days until a prey source of a right size happens to cross its path.
The Peruvian Swamp Slugs may be venomous, but they can become great pets mainly due to their safety mechanism and are easy to care for.   

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