Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Hungarian Horntail: The Wyvern of Hungary

The Hungarian Horntail is a species of wyvern (species include the Horntail, the Ironbelly, the African, the Ridgeback, the Zilant, and the European) that are only found in the mountain ranges of Hungary. In appearance, the dragon can grow fifty feet long, has blackish-bronze scales plus horns, and a spiked tail. Unlike most wyverns, the Horntail walks similar toward a bat by using its wings to quickly move across the ground or mountain side. It does have the ability to breathe fire, which can reach up to the same length of its own body. The Horntail, due to its light skeletal structure, allows the dragon to fly faster than a small plane. The Hungarian Horntail is one of the most dangerous dragons ever on record (next to its European cousin) thanks to its aggression, speed, and brute strength.

The Horntail mates once a year during mating season, where a single mother will lay one cement-colored egg. During the hatching process, the young Horntail will uses its club tail to smash through the hard egg shell. The tail will later be uses to attract mates, hunting, and defending territories after reaching adulthood. The Hungarian Horntail will attack and consume livestock such as sheep and goats plus, if possible, humans. Due to its aggression, Horntails are illegal to keep as pets and one must obtain a special license to display it in  Magizoological Gardens (a.k.a. zoos).
Hungarian Horntails (photo above) are dangerous and should be respected while in their territory. These dragons should never be hand-raised as well as sold on black markets due to their aggression and brutish attacks against both friends and foes.  

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