Friday, July 20, 2012

The Repticore: The Salamander Hunter

The Repticore is a creature of great size and has one of the largest appetites in Monstrology. Ranging between twelve to twenty feet tall and weighing up to 32000 pounds, this beast is a frightening creature to run into. In appearance, the Repticore is a massive, green reptilian beast with huge jaws, has five tendrils from their chins, black eyes, and two long tentacles protruding from its body. For locomotion, the Repticore travels on two stubby legs which only allows the creature to run slower than any human but, replaces speed with strength and durability.  The Repticore's hide is extremely durable against temperatures, predator attacks, and acids. The two tentacles are capable of lifting a medium sized vehicles from the ground without any trouble and doesn't have any trouble squeezing another animal to death. The five tendrils on its chin are used as close range feelers and are used to drag the Repticore's victims into its dangerous jaws.

Having a large appetite, the Repticore only enjoys one species of monster: the Salamander, a fire-eating amphibian. Salamanders are the Repticore's main prey source and are attracted to the fire proof slime they give off. Though with Salamanders being smaller than a Repticore, the creature itself has to gobble up a whole colony to finally please its hunger for a day. That is why the Repticore is also an active predator of deer, livestock, other predators, and even humans. Once eaten, the prey item will become digested fully in about a week (similar like snakes). The Repticore, though slow, is an ambush predator who attacks without warning toward its victims. They're native to both the United Kingdom and Eastern Europe.
You'll be lucky if you could get this close to a Repticore. Though they do have poor eyesight, the tendrils or the tentacles can easily find you and allow the creature to gobble you up. The only way to defeat a Repticore is destroying it from inside.

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