Friday, August 24, 2012

The Owlbear: Doesn’t Give a ‘Hoot’

The Owlbear is a weird hybrid creature that's a cross between an owl and a bear. They're only found in remote northwestern forests alongside the Rockies of the United States into Canada. Being carnivorous, the Owlbear will eat anything that happens to cross its path. Reaching up between eight to ten feet in height, the Owlbear can easily overpower any creature it runs into. Their beak and large claw-like talons create heavy damage to whoever disturbs this ferocious creature. The Owlbear only live in large caves, which causes constant struggles with other North American cave-dwelling creatures such as bears and the Giant North American Drop Bear, with their lifelong mates. Mating starts out in the earlier years of an Owlbear's life and after choosing one, they'll stay with each other until one/both dies. Owlbear behavior mainly focuses around aggression and ferocity toward different species but, to other members of the same genus, the Owlbear is friendlier and more social. Hybridization is possible with other Owlbear species alongside with domestication (which is only supported for the most experienced). Owlbear hunting is prohibited in both Canada and North America due to low populations.
There are six main species of Owlbears: the Common (shown above - featured article), the Arctic, the Winged, the Winterclaw, the Pygmy and the Greater alongside with thirty-six different hybrids that are possible if in captivity.

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