Monday, August 20, 2012

The Werecrow: Silhouettes in the Moonlight

The Werecrow (a.k.a. 'Wereravens' in northern regions) is the second of only two Were-Beasts that can naturally fly. The venom of the Werecrow is low and is stored in the tip of beak. Their venom will only effect the deathly ill, elderly, and young children. The Werecrow, similar to the Werebat, is also a rarity in nature. Turning into humanoid crows during the full moon, the transformation results in the person becoming a large humanoid bird with dark black feathers. With their natural color, the Werecrow is a stealthy predator with only the full moon giving the creature away with its silhouette. Silver, like all Were-Beasts, is the only way to kill a Werecrow. They only consume dying or dead flesh from bodies ranging from the smallest animal to the largest herbivore. Personality traits result in which region the Werecrow (or 'Wereraven') is found. Normally, 'Wereravens' are more friendly and less aggressive to humans than the ones in the southern regions.
Silhouettes in the moonlight are usually Werecrows searching for prey. They're known to attack humans and other creatures if they threaten the Were-Beast in anyway or whenever decaying flesh isn't around.

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