Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Peruvian Vipertooth: Bacterial Bite or Truly Venomous?

The Peruvian Vipertooth is a species of dragon that can grow up to fifteen feet in length and only lives in the eastern and northeastern part of Peru. In appearance, the Vipertooth has copper colored skin with a black ridge-markings and short horns upon its head. This species of dragon with hunt for livestock such as goats and cows but, has the taste for human flesh whenever opportunity arrives upon the creature. This species of dragon cannot breathe fire but, makes up with range attacks for stealthy ambushes as this dragon can conceal itself from sight. The Peruvian Vipertooth are known to repopulate very quickly during mating seasons in the summer and must be controlled by exterminating  before human deaths begin to increase. Vipertooth blood, similar to most dragons, is highly poisonous and must be taken care of before it effects the environment and public health.

Monstrologists have argued over the past couple centuries that the Vipertooth has more of a bacterial bite rather than having venom glands linked to fangs. In most Vipertooth attacks, infections are known to happen if a lucky victim escapes the clutches of this species but, afterwards the person dies from an unknown reason. In some attacks, people begin to bloat or flesh begins to be eaten away from an unknown toxin that dissolves most of the body's organs. Dead Vipertooth carcasses don't allow us to simply gain this answer due to its poisonous blood and the fumes that exit the body as it decay that have been proven to be deadly. Thankfully, back in the year of 1999, the answer turned out that the Vipertooth has a mixture of the two due to its age. Young dragons of this species process the venom glands to help the creature protect itself or to hunt while the adults tend to use deadly bacterial saliva to mainly finish off the prey item. Another study also shows that young Peruvian Vipertooth Dragons are more likely to hunt humans due to their agile speed and strength in which the adults mainly focus hunting livestock for easier meals.
The Peruvian Vipertooth (shown above) is a deadly species of dragon and must be respected at all costs. Hunting these dragons are illegal during the other seasons other than summer in which many Monster Hunters, Slayers, and Monstrologists gather to reduce the population for public safety.

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