Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Werebat: The Were-Beast of the Nighttime Skies

The Werebat is a rarity in nature. Related to the many species in the Were-Beast family, the Werebat is one of only two species that can naturally fly. The Werebat's venom is high and will effect anyone. It only consumes blood, like vampire bats, from humans, mammals, and subhumans. They're mortal enemies of vampires like werewolves due to competition for the same food source. The Werebat will only transform during a full moon which is a trait of Were-Beasts. Like bats, they use echolocation for hunting and will attack whenever a chance for food arrives. Silver is the only way to kill a Werebat which is apparently unknown to most hunters who use stakes thinking they're mutated vampires which always results in death. Holding still and controlling one's heart rate will cause a person to turn invisible to the creature. Interesting fact about Werebats are that they can actually see well in pitch dark environments such as deep caves with low lights. Bright lights can blind the bat while disorientating with extremely loud noises for easy escapes. Werebats naturally return to temperate forests or regions including dark caves each transformation.
Being an extremely rare Were-Beast, Werebat accounts are an handful including the famous Spring Heeled Jack cases that involved a juvenile Werebat.

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