Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Kukuweaq: The Iceberg Sized Polar Bear (…with Ten Legs)

Imagine a gigantic polar bear the size of the same iceberg that sunk the Titanic but, with a total of ten legs. The Kukuweaq is a horrifying beast that lives in the barren ice lands of Alaska and some regions of Canada. Five legs on the right and five on the left, the Kukuweaq uses its many legs to successfully travel great distances through frozen terrain. The Kukuweaq's teeth are designed for biting and holding onto large prey such as whales who venture to close to the surface or Boar Whales, which are grey whale sized, aquatic boars that live in or around large chunks of icebergs. The Kukuweaq is a deadly predator and rarely any other creature will fight the Kukuweaq for food or as food. Being aquatic, the Kukuweaq can also swim great distances in search for large prey and stay submerged for about three to four hours. Being incredibly strong, they can break through the hardest of ice to contain prey on the surface such as seals, polar bears, and caribou.

Only living in dens, the Kukuweaq only uses the den for nursing areas for raising their young. The mother will either dig a den into the ice or steal a burrow from a Remorhaz (which is a twenty foot long insect that lives in barren snowy plains). Once there, the mother with stay with her young unless the need to feed or when they become old enough to defend for themselves. Mating happens year long whenever a female is in heat as well as the male in musk. Kukuweaq young are "easy" to kill but, the adults are almost impossible. Kukuweaq meat tastes like polar bear with more toughness and can sustain an entire Eskimo village for a couple of weeks. A special permit and permission from the government is needed for hunting a Kukuweaq.
Kukuweaq (shown above) are creatures that must be respected and avoided by anyone who enters frozen terrains. Like the Polar Bear, the Kukuweaq is endangered due to climate changes that effects the creature's lifestyle and enviroment.

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