Monday, September 3, 2012

The Ash Rat: An Ashwinder’s Favorite Snack

The element of fire is a destructive forced used by both humans and monsters to gain what they need to overcome challenges. Dragons use this element to kill predators,and humans, the dangerous of all monsters; use it to also exterminate any unwanted species. The Ash Rat is a species of fire-dwelling rodents that spread fires across forests, cities, and other environments that cause harm to societies and communities. Like the mythical Salamander, the Ash Rat nourishes off of the element of fire and the heat they produce, depending on how much temperature the creature has gathered, can ignite anything combustible. In appearance, the Ash Rat can come in three main colors of black, gray, or brown (indicating the amount of flame the creature had absorbed with brown being the healthiest and black the opposite). Ash Rats have orange/red eyes with yellow-colored, over-sized front teeth. Though these features can be visible, the rest of the body cannot due to the creature's ability to exude a cloud of sooty smoke from its body allowing the Ash Rat to hide in smoke from predators. The Ash Rat can reach up to two feet depending on how much heat is presented in their environment. Only a few predators are capable of consuming the Ash Rat such as predatory Salamanders, some species of dragons, and the Ashwinder, a species of snake that's born from magical flames. Like normal rats and snakes, the Ash Rat and the Ashwinder are mortal enemies. Humans must keep Ash Rat populations to a minimum due to their threat to human/animal safety. Cold is the only way to successfully kill an Ash Rat but, if the body is reintroduced to anything heat source, the rodent can be brought back to life.
The Ash Rat (shown above) can become pets if kept in fireproof cages but, is only recommended for the highly experienced due to their molten lava-like bites which they can inflict on their owners.

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