Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Strong Toad: Chile’s Invulnerable Toad

The Strong Toad is a very unique species of magical amphibians that are only native to Chile. In appearance, the creature looks like a normal horned toad except for a turtle-like shell on its back. The Strong Toad has the power of invulnerability, which allows the creature to withstand most harm and can actually glow-in-the-dark thanks to its unnatural skin. Strangely, one may think that the invulnerability is the creature's main defense mechanism. In reality, the Strong Toad's eyes actually have the ability to hypnotize any other life form away or toward the creature. Humans and predators are usually repelled but, insects or small mammals like mice are attracted toward the animal. Staring down either a predator or prey allows the Strong Toad to wisely choose which animal can get close enough to it, and if all else fails; the invulnerability protects the animal from any potential harm. Strong Toads are known to be great pets (only by choosing their owners) and are known to be great "guard dogs" due to their abilities. Though if a person ever wanted to kill a Strong Toad, fire is the most effective away due to the creature's amphibious nature but, just remember to burn it thoroughly until its reduced to cinders. Strong Toads are generally harmless but, are very picky on what or who they want to meet.
Over a century, Monstrologists have argued if the Strong Toad (illustrated above) is actually related to amphibians or reptiles. Until only recently, it has been confirmed that the animal is actually an amphibian thanks to recent technology.

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