Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Rock Nest Monster: Exclusive Testudines

A species of Testudine (tortoises and turtles), the Rock Nest Monster is the most exclusive creature ever to roam America. Like its name, this exclusive creature lays porcelain-like eggs which are predator proof and cannot be x-rayed. Rock Nest Monsters are unknown to Monstrologists due to their mysterious nature. No evidence, except for their eggs, have ever proven the creature's behavioral patterns. Due to some evidence and theories, Monstrologists believe that the Rock Nest Monster is an aquatic herbivore and mainly spends its time submerged underwater. Mainly found around the Eno River of North Carolina, evidence had shown that this creature has been found in most of the southern states. Nesting, the largest piece of evidence, shows about twenty eggs surrounded by arranged rocks. The eggs are left to the elements, same as Testudines, and range from mottled brown to light green in color. Its known that the Rock Nest Monster reuses the same rock pile to lay its eggs, making this  a possible means of competition during mating season(s). There is evidence to support that this creature also has a distant cousin living in France called the Rock Less Monster, which is too a mysterious creature.
Above: a photograph of a Rock Nest Monster's nesting site with eggs.

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  1. I totally love your research. I have been studying these creatures for 8 years now but nobody believes me.