Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Dōmo-kōmo: The Japanese Species of Ettin

The Dōmo-kōmo is a human sized species of Ettin (two headed Giants) that live around Japanese towns or cities in the forest filled mountains. Rarely appearing in urban areas, the Dōmo-kōmo will only travel into populated areas if their prey sources are running low or if an environmental threat is currently occurring. Unlike most species of Giant, the  Dōmo-kōmo is carnivorous and will consume humans if a chance arrives. Humans, though not their normal meal, can fall victim with this very intelligent creature. Intelligence varies amongst individuals and will determine if the creature is a threat or harmless. Rodents, birds, other small mammals, most reptiles, and children can be easily killed by a large enough specimen (ranging between 7.5 to 8 feet tall). The Dōmo-kōmo are known to use either brute strength or murderous tools such as knives or axes to successfully kill their prey. Like Ettins, each head controls one set of the body: the left head controls the left side and the same with the right. Usually the right head is more of a leader for the left head to follow but, the Dōmo-kōmo differs because most individuals seem to be equally the same giving this species a greater edge on survival. Killing a Dōmo-kōmo varies but, killing at least one of the heads will either stun the creature or will cause the remaining head to control the entire body which would cause the creature to tire quicker.
The Dōmo-kōmo (illustrated above) were once to believed to be Oni (Japanese "Demon" Ogres) which later turned out to be related to Ettins, which are only found in isolated areas in Europe.

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