Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Bandersnatch: The Frumious Monster

The Bandersnatch is a species of large, carnivorous mammals that are only found in a few regions of Europe which mainly includes the United Kingdom and Germany. In appearance, the Bandersnatch looks something like between a bulldog and a "monster". With its bulldog-like face with rows of razor sharp teeth, the Bandersnatch can quickly rip apart prey without even breaking a sweat. Like a shark, the Bandersnatch can lose and regrow teeth without even noticing. The creature is lightly greyed in color and has black spots all over its body. The Bandersnatch is covered with long hair with a long, furry tail. Bandersnatches are both incredibly strong and unnaturally fast which gives the creature an upper edge while hunting down large prey. The Bandersnatch even has an extended neck which allows the creature, while running, to grab hold onto its prey (mainly deer or boar) without having to tackle its victim. The Bandersnatch produces a foul odor from its body which would repel any predators from attacking it and can automatically "turn off" the odor while hunting. They live throughout the winter thanks to their long fur and can survive without food for almost a week if they successfully kill a large enough prey (like for example a dragon). Bandersnatches are naturally aggressive toward other animals/humans in the wild but, in captivity; they can become the most loyal of friends and are totally harmless toward their masters. Hunting a Bandersnatch takes dedication, patience, and intelligence with a few hints of craziness.
The Bandersnatch (shown above) is one of the world's most dangerous and exclusive creatures on the planet.


  1. Neat. Great imagination.

  2. I have spent over $100,000 on research to find this monster