Friday, September 14, 2012

The Forest Ghoul: Hiding in the Canopy

The Forest Ghoul is a species of ghoul that lives in the canopy of remote North American forests throughout the country. This species is mainly nocturnal and will hide out of view during the daytime hours. In appearance, the Forest Ghoul is slender and more equipped for climbing tall trees with their long, bony hands with sharp claws used for digging into the bark to successfully get a grip. Unlike the common Ghoul (that are known to shape-shift and are mainly found in graveyards eating the dead), the Forest Ghoul hunts for prey ranging from small rodents to deer on the ground at night. Humans aren't their favorite prey but, they will attack if threatened. Forest Ghouls are quite shy creatures but, can be dangerous if somebody threatens their homes (which are mainly inside trees). Unlike ghouls, this species doesn't have the ability to transform a human into their own species (see 'Ghoul Fever' in "Seven Common Diseases and Illnesses in the World of Monstrology") because the Forest Ghouls can reproduce sexually with their own members. Forest Ghoul infestations are possible and the most reasonable way to get rid of them is to cut off their food supply, in which the ghouls would simply move to another location. If your the violent type, exterminate them until they leave but, don't be surprise if they as well become violent with you. In reality, Forest Ghouls are quite harmless if left alone or are respected correctly.
This is a photograph (shown above) of a Forest Ghoul hunting on the ground for food. This is a rare photograph as well because next to being shy, they're exclusive creatures and are rarely seen.

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