Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Lobizon: The 'Seventh Son' Beast

The Lobizon is a breed of werewolves which are only found in Argentina. During their transformation on full moon nights, the Lobizon comes in the form of a ferocious, large-eared dog with childlike legs. Being mostly a quadruped (in which it can run up to 45 mph), the Lobizon can become bipedal for short distances (can run up between 15-25 mph) while hunting prey while running on all-fours for escaping larger predators. Being predators themselves, the Lobizon hunts mainly livestock such as chickens and, if possible, a full grown cow. Mainly solitary hunters, the Lobizon rarely allows others of the same species eat their kills and will actually fight amongst each other for scraps. Unlike normal werewolves (and any 'Were-Beasts'), the venom of a Lobizon is extremely weak and can only effect small human children or sickly people. The venom of any 'Were-Beast' is a way (without mating) one can pass their genes/curse to mutate another living being.

Becoming one can happen in two ways: a young child is bitten by Lobizon or a seventh, male child will be given the curse of becoming one. Though mainly venom is a main key in turning a sweet child into a blood thirsting creature, rarely a family with a seventh male child does occur. The only way to make sure the child doesn't become one, the Argentina government asked families who have a seventh male child to become baptized to avoid the curse of becoming a Lobizon.

The Lobizon (or sometimes 'El Lobizon') are mainly found throughout Argentina and had became an epidemic for human safety. The Lobizon are mainly found in the northern region of the country and don't only terrorize rural farm lands but, populated places as well.

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