Monday, December 19, 2011

The Augurey: The Irish Phoenix

The Augurey is a thin and mournful-looking bird (similar in appearance of a small & underfed vulture) with greenish black feathers. The Augurey are native to mainly Britain and Ireland, but are sometimes found in some forests in northern Europe. Its intensely shy and rarely interact with humans. They nest in bramble (examples include the blackberry and raspberry) bushes surrounded by thorns or in high tree branches. The nest of the Augurey are built to look like a teardrop which helps them find their nests more easily. Their favorite food are mainly large insects, fairies, and sometimes smaller mammals like mice. The Augurey is mainly seen during heavy rain (in which the bird mainly flies to search for food from rather places). If rain doesn't come, the Augurey are known to hop around their nesting site looking for prey on the ground or in branches of trees. The only way to find an Augurey in remote forests are to listen for a distinctive low and throbbing cry.

Magizoologist, who study mainly magical creatures, have discovered that the feathers of an Augurey repels ink and are feared in the magical world by wizards, witches, etc... The reason why they fear this shy creature is because they believe when someone hears it's cry, death will soon follow. Though the cry of an Augurey does frighten people (and gave people heart attacks by passing their nesting sites), the fact is that the Augurey is incredibly harmless. Next to being feared by most of the 'Magical World' and have ink repelling feathers, the species are used as a biological weather forecaster.

The illustration above is a typically Augurey, the 'Irish Phoenix'. Named for mainly being found in Ireland and are related mainly to the Phoenix.

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