Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Asanbosam: The 'Hook Legged' Vampire of Western Africa

The Asanbosam is a strange looking, African vampire which have hook-like appendages on both their legs and have iron-like teeth (for mainly their color and durability). These species of vampires are found among the Ashanti people of Southern Ghana, The Ivory Coast, and Togo. The Asanbosam dwells in the jungle where its seen occasionally by tribal hunters. Being a tree hunter, it mainly attacks from above. There are three ways its hunts: it lowers itself down from the canopy by using it's appendages to grab its victim, in the lower branches it uses it's hooks to swing from the branches to attack, or lowers it's hooks down from the trees to hook/constrict its prey item. The Asanbosam are known to live in families and are completely feral.

Being an African vampire, the creature is dark in color for camouflage amongst other humans, until they discover the strange hook-like appendages on their legs. From a distance, they appear to be human (except for the appendages on their legs) but once you get closer, you would notice the bat-like facial features such as the pointed ears and the nose. The Asanbosam is also built to have superhuman speed, agility, and strength. Their favorite prey sources are canopy birds, small tree-living/or ground living mammals, and humans.

The picture above is an illustration of an Asanbosam.

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