Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Buratsche-ah-llgs: Switzerland’s Disfigured Lake Monster

Switzerland has a total of sixteen lakes larger than six miles within the country's borders. In some, a bizarre, shapeless creature survives within their depths. The Buratsche-ah-Ilgs is similar looking toward a swollen stomach in shape with the exception of having a total of one hundred "eyes" surrounding it's body. The cranial section of the creature has a few tentacles that surround the mouth, that serves the creature to capture and consume any unaware fishes that come too close. The tentacles can also be used for holding onto sunken rocks to anchor the free-drifting creature and can also grab prey from the surface of the water either from a boat or on a drop-off shoreline. The Buratsche-ah-Ilgs' diet is extremely weird because they are both filter feeders (plankton and even small fish) and a carnivore (larger lake creatures and even terrestrial animals including an occasional human) The "eyes" of the Buratsche-ah-Ilgs are unique because only a few of them are actually used for vision. These eyes can see excellently in the darkness of the depths and even on the surface of water on the sunniest day. The other "eyes" are called false eyes. These false eyes have a special purpose: they shoot fires or heated bubbles to help direct the Buratsche-ah-Ilgs in different directions for a means of transportation.

First discovered in Lake Luschersee, many of the Swiss people believed that the Buratsche-ah-Ilgs was a creature released from the supposed gates to Hell into the waters of the lake. Unfortunately, Monstrologists discovered that these creatures have lived in the lake for an extremely long time. The creatures have also been sighted in other lakes surrounding Switzerland but, not as far away then some parts of Austria, Germany, and France that are nearby the original country. To find a Buratsche-ah-Ilgs, look for people who are afraid to fish in the present lake or any grazing animals nearby the shore.
Lake Lünersee (or Lüner) in Austria is believed to be a home to several Buratsche-ah-Ilgs but, it is unknown how these creatures can survive due to human improvement to the environment because Lünersee was risen to 75 meters deep after a dam was built in the year of 1958.

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