Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Kurupi: The Unwanted Guaraní Incubus

The women of the Guaraní people of South America (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Bolivia) fear one of the world's most unique incubus species: the Kurupi (or Kurupira). The Kurupi is a short, ugly looking creature with wild-looking hair and has the longest reproduction organ in the world of Monstrology. Being able to wrap around the Kurupi's body four or more times, they can rape innocent women from outside the house from the jungle. Being a type of incubus, the Kurupi mainly preys through sexual energy from their victims. Though they are known to eat small mammals but, they do prefer attacking or kidnapping young women to drain life force.

The length of the Kurupi's penis is unknown to Monstrologists because the reproduction organ can stretch to amazing lengths. Failed attempts to record the length of the organ always resulted in it being retracted back into the Kurupi's body. It's known to slither its way through openings (windows, doors, etc...) into houses to drain energy and cause unwanted pregnancies (which later results in an infant Kurupi because this is the only way for it to reproduce due to no females within the species). The Kurupi is an exclusive creature and accidental confrontations are due to a person accidentally stepping on the reproduction organ, being mistaken to be a fallen branch or a moving snake.

In Guaraní Mythology, the first Kurupi is the fifth son of Tau (an evil spirit of the Guaraní people) and Kerana (the daughter of Marangatu).

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