Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Allegewi: The Allegheny Mountain Gargantuan

The Allegheny Mountain region is home to many Appalachian fauna (such as black bears, whitetail deer, wild boar, and mountain lions) but, only one creature 'stood upright' on top of this food web. The Allegewi was a race of primitive giants that (after the arrival of the white-men and constant wars against Native Americans) became extremely rare to see in the wild. The word 'primitive' means, unlike the newly evolved giants today, only act on pure wild animal instinct. Ripping and tearing flesh from the bones of most megafauna (and even humans) and hunting with a passion to kill. The Allegewi can grow up to fifteen to twenty-five feet tall and are highly intelligent (example: making tools or primitive clothing from their surroundings). They have sharp teeth, a strange cranial cavities, and prominent chins. Some Monstrologists believe the Allegewi maybe half reptilian and mammal due to how their skin looks/feels, but due to their rarity, nobody knows for sure. Due to fossils found, the idea of this creature being the strongest and best dieted primitive giant have shown Monstrologists that the Allegewi is the best known ancestor of the modern day giant due to mainly their size.

Like said in the paragraph above, the Allegewi is now an endangered species and are hard to locate throughout the mountain region. Though one can just follow footprints or broken branches of a possible Allegewi in valleys but, (once you step into their high mountain territory) the hunter becomes the prey. It is known that (after being moved out by settlers), the Allegewi live in caves high up in the mountain regions of both the United States and Canada. Back to found evidence, these types of giants were highly social until settlers moved their main territory to the mountains. The Allegewi were known to bury the dead (after recent battles with neighboring human natives) in mounds that are made of stone, pots, weapons, and personal items. Being a warrior-based society, the Allegewi were excellent fighters and weapon crafters.

The 'Trail of Tears' (the illustration above) is believe to be the main reason why the Allegewi almost became extinct. Due to this primitive giant's behavior, its believable that the Allegewi lost in short battles with the white-man (due to guns/disease).

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