Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Ozark Howler: Terror In the Ozark Mountains

In the state of Arkansas, a mysterious predator hunts within the Ozarks. The Ozark Howler, or a 'Howler', is a strange creature that has been discovered to be related to felines but, own strange body features (such as bear-like body and goat-like horns) that indicate that it may also related to the Krampus. With the Ozarks belonging to four states (Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas), the Ozark Howler is mainly spotted in remote areas in the center of the mountain range (Arkansas) and can be sometimes spotted in the Appalachian Mountains. Ozark Howlers are bear sized with a thick body and stocky legs. Howlers have long, shaggy black hair and have two curve horns on top of their head that are similar toward a goat. The reason why some Monstrologists believe they are related to mainly felines is because of their cat-like head and (short) tail. While searching for this weird predatory creature, listen for the strange howls within the Ozarks which are a cross between a wolf's howl and an elk's bugel. The two most dangerous times to be searching for a Howler is during the fall (as Ozark Howlers search for food before winter to get ready for hibernation) and the spring (after waking up from their sleeping period).
The illustration above is what an Ozark Howler is said to look like: bear sized, shaggy creature with stubby legs, feline-like face and tail; and two goat-like horns.


  1. That picture is so inaccurate. I should know, because as a young girl growing up in Eastern Arkansas my daddy used to tell stories about how he and his friends saw the howler repeatedly over the years near their hunting camp. They tried to catch it but never could -- they did not have ammo because of the Depression and their snares weren't big enough to hold it. It is NOT black. My daddy said it was brown which makes sense because of the clay in the area. Why would something be black when the clay is brown?

    1. Hmmm I see. Well the infomation I'd gather said it was black in color but, you do make an excellent argument. Maybe the Howler rolls in the clay/or mud to keep insects away like how elephants throw dirt on their bodies for the same reason or maybe the creature comes in different fur colors. There has also been reports of another creature fitting the Howler's description in West VA called the 'White Thing' (or Sheepsquatch). Honestly I don't know but, I am glad that you shared your story with me Edith and I'll be glad to change the infomation above. :)

  2. Ok, this may be explained as a natural animal but I am a little mystified.
    A couple of months ago, late January 2014 on a bright Spring morning, my wife and were driving north on 65 around 11am just south of Ozark, MO.
    We saw from a distance what appeared to be a large sheep with a very heavy coat of cream-colored wool down by the edge of the shoulder of the road.
    I am familiar with sheep having lived in Europe for many years but we were puzzled about the big sheep looking animal being so close to the road.
    We both looked as best we could as I drove by and were surprised to see that the head of the animal was buried in a dead deer tearing into it.
    We could not see the head as it was inside the roadkill and we were driving around 60mph.
    I looked in my rearview mirror and saw the pickup truck behind me slow down to get a better look.
    I still cannot figure it out.