Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Rake: Misidentified Ghouls or Something Else?

Ghouls are one of the world's most dangerous and common undead predators ever to walk the Earth, alongside the zombie and vampire species. Ghouls first originated from the Middle East before spreading to the rest of the world in different shapes and forms. The Ghoul family tree consists of four species: the shape-shifting Ghoul that scurries along graveyards/deserts searching for prey, the Forest Ghoul which lives mainly in the canopy, the Ghast which is like a 'super-ghoul', and the Invunche; which are large deformed and vicious ghouls found in Chile. Now there may be another species out there, hiding within the deepest, darkest parts of North America's woods. The Rake is a pale, ghoul-like creature with long, sharp claws (hence the name due to the claw's appearance to be quite similar toward the gardening tool of the same name) and nothing really is known about these creatures. The only things that are known by Monstrologists is that it's appearance is almost similar toward the Forest Ghoul (which is sometimes mistaken for) from a distance until the claws come into view. The Rake is also very dangerous, predatory, and are silent as they stalk their prey. Rakes only attack when their prey is unaware of their presences (usually as it's victim is asleep) before goring and tearing the poor creature. It is theorized by Monstrologists that the Rake, like the Phase Spider, can 'teleport' itself into another dimension to allow the creature to easily stalk and hide form their prey before committing the final blow. Killing a Rake is unknown but, it is logical if someone can get a clean shot before it escapes out of sight and out of our own plane.
Above is an illustration of a Rake, which is almost human-like; that makes this creature extremely unpredictable and frightning.

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