Friday, February 1, 2013

The Joystealer: Elf-like Seducers

The Joystealer is an elf-like creature whom feeds off emotions from their victims and are very seductive into doing so. Joystealers are elf-like in appearance but, have extremely pale skin (sometimes with a purplish tint) with long hair, and seem androgynous at first glance. The only way to tell between these creatures and elves are their gem-like, pupil-less eyes which seems to "hypnotize" their unexpected prey. Mixing traits with psychic vampires (the way they feed), elves (appearance), and even succubi (seductive abilities); this is a species that nobody wants to confront. Their favorite prey are humans and elves whom don't see through their tricks and seductive techniques. Joystealers are usually found in urban areas (especially near waterfronts and slums) where shelter, food, and a water source is provided for them. Prostitution is the most common way both genders seem to hunt by luring both men and/or women of both races into traps. Being solitary hunters, Joystealers don't occasionally join together unless it's an orgy-type party. There are many ways on killing a Joystealer such as shooting, setting on fire, brutally beating, etc... but, the most effective way is starving it to death. Saying 'no' and ignoring the predator's advances is the most common way to get rid of a Joystealer due to the creature's nature. Another effective way is staying away from their hunting grounds with a crowd of people. Joystealers, though persistent; tend to stay out of sight during the day and crowded areas.
Joystealers (above) are related to fey folk such as fairies, pixies, and elves.

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